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    • Jan N.
    • CZ Jan N.


      Bought Rolex Datejust, 36mm,1994, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 16233, Jubilee diamond dial

    • Oliver Benjamin A.
    • DK Oliver Benjamin A.


      Bought Rolex Datejust, 36mm, 1995, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 16233, Vignette diamond dial

      Fast response and delivery

    • Vesa S.
    • FI Vesa S.


      Bought Rolex Explorer, 39mm, 2020, 1y warranty, Box&Paper, ref. 214270, Steel Black dial

    • Bertrand M.
    • FR Bertrand M.


      Bought Rolex Explorer II, 40mm, 1999, 1y warranty, ref. 16570, Steel, Only "Swiss" White Dial

    • Dr. Joerg J.
    • DE Dr. Joerg J.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust , 26mm, 2001, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 79173 Blue diamond dial

      Absolutely reliable, responds immediately to inquiries. Everything was pleasing.

    • K B.
    • NL K B.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust, 26mm, 1999, Fullset, ref. 79178, Rare ONYX dial

    • Marc S.
    • BE Marc S.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust, 26mm, 1991,m 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 69173, Silver diamond dial

      very fast and correct delivery, excellent service

    • Montevago S.
    • IT Montevago S.


      Bought Rolex Datejust 31, 2003, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 78240, Jubilee diamond dial

    • Rüveyda C.
    • DE Rüveyda C.


      Bought Rolex Datejust, 36mm, 1985, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 16013, Silver diamond dial

      Great communication, they responded to my requests and gave me a very trustworthy feeling. Thank you very much 🙏🏼

    • Eddie N.
    • FR Eddie N.


      Bought Rolex Milgauss, 40mm, 2015, Fullset, ref. 116400GV, Green glass, Blue dial

      I am very satisfied with the relationship I had with Swissonly, they were attentive from start to finish and sold me a product that completely met my criteria and beyond.. I recommend Swissonly of course ...
      thanks again

    • Zeljko S.
    • FR Zeljko S.


      Bought Rolex Day-Date, 36mm, 2006, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 118239, White gold, Rare MOP Diamond Dial

      Hello Olena,

      Just to inform you that I have received my watch. I’m in love it. It is just perfect.

      Thank you so much for this pristine transaction. I can’t express at what point I’m satisfied with the way you have managed the whole sales process. I felt taken care of and in confidence all along the way. My proposition to celebrate this transaction with the finest French champagne with you and rest of the team stays on the table next time I’ll be in Vilnius.

      Thank you again.

      Wish you and rest of the team a very prosperous year.

      Bets regards, ZS

    • GP V.
    • FR GP V.


      Bought Rolex Day-Date "President" ref.118239 Black Dial, Swiss Made +Hands


    • Julija R.
    • LV Julija R.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust 26mm, 1988, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 69173, Champagne diamond dial

    • Tore Landin L.
    • SE Tore Landin L.


      Bought Rolex Rolex Datejust 36mm, 1999, 1y Warranty, Fullset, ref. 16234, Steel, Blue dial

    • DANIELA M.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust, 26mm, 1990, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 69173, Silver diamond dial

      Excellent seller, the purchase was not successful and even more so I feel like giving an excellent rating because they were understanding, efficient and extremely helpful.

    • MICHAEL L.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust, 26mm, 1984, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 69174, Blue dial

      Seller to recommend. Everything was perfect.

    • Nicholas O.
    • IT Nicholas O.


      Bought Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow, 42mm, 2000, Fullset, ref. 3594.50, Steel, Black dial

      Amazing experience (Perfect Communication, Shipping, watch). Hope to buy again from this seller.
      Thank you.

    • Brian T.
    • US Brian T.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust, 26mm, 1993, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 69173, Blue dial

    • Fabiola M.
    • IT Fabiola M.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust,26mm, 1999, Fullset ref. 79174, Steel, Silver diamond dial

    • Volker P.
    • DE Volker P.


      Bought Rolex Day-Date 36mm, 2000, Fullset ref. 118239, White gold, Black diamond dial

      Everything fine. Unreservedly recommended. Very good communication and fast shipping.
      Top !!!

    • Jérémie O.
    • FR Jérémie O.


      Bought Rolex Datejust 36mm, 1993, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 16220, Blue dial

      Watches selected for the greatest pleasure of the buyer!!
      Very good experience at SwissOnly,
      Great seller, very serious, I recommend 200%

    • Walter C.
    • IT Walter C.


      Bought Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, 42mm, 2005, 1y warranty, Fullset, 3577.50.00 Limited Edition

      Excellent trader, quick and clear in communication. The purchased watch fully corresponds to the description. Punctual shipping. The watch was delivered in its original box complete with guarantee and documents, well packaged with further protection.

    • Anne F.
    • FR Anne F.


      Bought Rolex Oyster Perpetual 26mm, 2002, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 76183, Grey dial

      The watch was delivered very quickly in careful packaging. It is in perfect condition (like new) as described in the ad. I recommend this professional.

    • Philippe F.
    • LU Philippe F.


      Bought Rolex Datejust 36mm, 1971, Box, ref. 1601, Steel, Wide Boy dial

      All went well. Watch as described in very good condition. Communication very prompt and transparent. Shipping very quick and safe. Would do it again.

    • Raluca E.
    • RO Raluca E.


      Bought Rolex Explorer II, 40mm, 2003, 1y warranty, ref. 16570 Steel, Black Dial

    • John S.
    • PT John S.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust, 26mm, 2000, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 79173 Champagne diamond dial

    • Jean-Marc D.
    • FR Jean-Marc D.


      Bought Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000, 40mm, 1996, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 16600, Black Dial

      I recommend this seller, very good communication and quality watch.

    • Kevin G.
    • FR Kevin G.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust 26mm, 1994, 1y warranty, Fullset 69173, Silver diamond dial

      Everything was perfect. I received the watch 24 hours after purchase. Perfect packaging and above all everything was well protected and complete. I have not yet offered the watch so I will see if everything is perfect when worn but for the moment I have no doubts.

    • Stefano C.
    • IT Stefano C.


      Bought Omega Speedmaster, 42mm, 2004, 1y warranty, Japan Racing, Fullset, ref. 357040, Racing Dial Limited Edition

      Excellent and fast answering. Very fast delivery.

    • Tania C.
    • PT Tania C.


      Bought Rolex Datejust 36, 2010, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 116200, Blue dial

    • Toni Da C.
    • FR Toni Da C.


      Bought Rolex Datejust 36, 1996, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 16233, Black dial

      Communication was very good, the watch conforms to the description and photos.
      The shipping was ultra fast, less than 24 hours to receive it.
      I highly recommend.

    • Johan E.
    • SE Johan E.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust, 26mm, 2004, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 179173, Silver diamond dial

      Great Communication, fast respons. Beautiful watch as described and on pictures. Fast delivery within 1,5 days. Highly recommend this seller

    • Fabien R.
    • FR Fabien R.


      Bought Rolex Datejust 36, 2019, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 126234, Steel, Blue dial

      Even though I did not buy the watch, the communication with the seller was excellent. I definitely recommend.

    • Katarina M.
    • HR Katarina M.


      Bought Rolex 2004 Datejust, 36mm, 1y Warranty, Fullset, ref. 116233, Gold/Steel, Grey Roman dial

    • Zeljko S.
    • FR Zeljko S.


      Bought Rolex Lady-Datejust, 26mm, 1999, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref.79173, Champagne diamond dial

    • Vincent K.
    • FR Vincent K.


      Bought Rolex Air King, 34mm, 1996, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 14000, Black dial

    • Bartosz B
    • PL Bartosz B


      Bought Cartier Santos Galbee Xl, 32mm, 2010, Fullset, ref. W20098D6, Steel

      Perfect contact and return. Thank you.

    • Giovanni S.
    • IT Giovanni S.


      Bought Rolex Air-King, 34mm, 1966, 1y warranty, Box, ref. 5500, Steel, Blue dial

    • Bertrand F.
    • FR Bertrand F.


      Bought Rolex Original Dial for ref. 16610 Submariner Date, Swiss-T 25

      Express delivery, Great experience. I strongly recommend.

    • Emmanuel S.
    • FR Emmanuel S.


      Bought Rolex 1985, 1y warranty, Fullset, ref .16014, Steel, Black dial

      Great seller I had quick responses and very good quality photos and videos
      The watch corresponds perfectly to the condition indicated on the ad.
      Always listening to the buyer
      thanks again
      I hope for a next transaction

    • Mark H.
    • US Mark H.


      Bought Rolex 1999, Fullset, ref. 18239 RARE Lapis Dial, 18K White-Gold

    • Thomas L.
    • AT Thomas L.


      Bought Rolex 26mm, 1995 1y warranty, Fullset, ref. 69174, Blue dial

      Top dealer, absolutely recommended, I'm very satisfied!

    • Sven F.
    • DK Sven F.


      Bought Rolex 26mm, 1989, 1y warranty, Fullset ref 69173, Black diamond dial

      Highly recommended seller! You may also visit their own website.

    • Alessandro L.
    • IT Alessandro L.


      Bought Rolex Datejust 2003, Fullset, ref. 16233, Gold&Steel Champagne diamond dial

    • dirk s.
    • DE dirk s.


      Bought Rolex Datejust 1984, 1y Warranty, Fullset, ref. 16030, Steel, Silver Linen dial

      Everything went very perfectly. Can be recommended without reservation!

    • Antoine P.
    • FR Antoine P.


      Bought Rolex Datejust 36mm, 1973, Box, ref. 1601, Steel, Blue dial

      Really great

    • Mohammad R.
    • US Mohammad R.


      Bought Rolex Datejust 1991, Fullset, ref. 16233, Gold&Steel, Black diamond dial

      Watch is as described and I am very pleased with the purchase. Highly recommend this seller. Great communication.

    • Jon L.
    • US Jon L.


      Bought Rolex Day-Date 2001, Fullset, ref. 118239, 18K White gold, Rare MOP Arabic Dial

      Well done. Very good communication and excellent transaction.

    • Patrick G.
    • ES Patrick G.


      Bought TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5, 41mm, 2021,Fullset, ref. BA0723, Steel, Black dial

      The service and communication was just perfect. 100% recommended !

    • Luka P.
    • HR Luka P.


      Bought Rolex Day-Date 1988, Fullset, ref. 18238, Yellow gold, Red Vignette diamond dial